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Testimonials :
"I find Extrafit professional, friendly and knowledgeable and I thoroughly enjoy my training." M.P. Wickham         "I damaged my back 5 years ago and contacted Tim at Extrafit. I do 2 one hour sessions a week and have not had a problem since" Chris. R, committed Extrafit fan         "To achieve my life-long goal of running the 26.2 miles of the London Marathon I realised I was going to need expert advice and I have the medals to prove it. Six years later, I am still training with Tim on a regular basis." Heather.S, Fareham         "Tim came to see me and took a very thorough health history and within a few days (before I could wonder what I'd done) I was starting my first session. To begin with we did a brisk walk for half the session followed by toning and stretching exercises." A fifty-something previously allergic to exercise. Nr Arlesford         "Extrafit coaching has helped, and continues to help me, to reach a high level of fitness, strength and stamina. Another benefit is in improving my ability to concentrate and focus." Matt Harris, Motor Racing Driver         "It is never boring, is an outlet from all the other pressures of work and family, and gives me a lot of pleasure." Beverley N. mid-Hants        

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Extrafit Christmas Gift Vouchers - a revitalising gift this festive season?

04 December 2013

Are you looking for a different gift for a loved one or friend this Christmas?  Why not consider giving them a voucher redeemable for either personal training sessions or sports massage with Extrafit.

We can provide vouchers for any value or any number of sessions, the recipient will receive a card voucher that is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.  Sessions are redeemable for sessions within the home or at a private clinic and gym studio in Widley, near Waterloovile.

Contact Tim at Extrafit today to discuss your requirements and purchase a voucher – call 07971 226931 or email through this website.


A Walk A Day......

04 March 2011

A Walk A Day…..

The popularity of walking as a fitness activity is growing by leaps and bounds. Low risk and easy to start, walking has proved its health benefits in numerous studies.  A recent eight-year study of 13,000 people found that those who walked 30 minutes a day had a significantly lower risk of premature death than those who rarely exercised.

A regular walking program can help:

  • Reduce blood cholesterol
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increase cardiovascular endurance
  • Improve bone strength and density
  • Burn calories and keep weight down

Get ready -A walking program is simple to start. All you need are comfortable clothes and shoes. Layer loose clothing keeping in mind that exercise elevates the body's temperature. Shoes specifically designed for walking are best. Every workout should begin with a brief warm-up and a few simple stretches. Walk around the house or in place for a few minutes to get the blood flowing to the muscles before you attempt to stretch them. Although walking primarily works the major muscles of the legs, don't forget to stretch your back, shoulders and arms. This will help to loosen up any tension you may be carrying and make your walk more enjoyable as well as more effective.

Get moving - Beginner walkers can make their workouts less strenuous by limiting how fast and far they walk. Keep in mind the following:

Walk short distances - Begin with a five-minute stroll and gradually increase your distance.

Forget about speed - Walk at a comfortable pace. Focus on good posture, keeping your head lifted and shoulders relaxed.

Swing your arms naturally - Breathe deeply. If you can't catch your breath, slow down or avoid hills.

Be sure you can talk while walking - If you can't converse, you are walking too fast.

Get fit! - Walking is one fitness activity that allows you numerous options. Once you have reached a point where you can walk a few miles with relative ease, you can start to vary the intensity.

Walking up hills, in addition to increasing your cardiovascular endurance, is a great way to tone the legs.  Any incline will work slightly different muscles to the ones you work on the flat.  Concentrate on lengthening your stride or increasing your speed. And don't forget to reward yourself after each workout with a few minutes of relaxing stretches to help prevent sore muscles. Listening to upbeat motivating music while you walk is also a great way to energise your workout. But if you wear headphones, keep the volume down and watch out for traffic that you may not hear.

Make sure you keep track of your progress too. Many experts recommend that you walk a minimum of 20 minutes a day. But there are no hard and fast rules. Fit walking into your schedule whenever you can. That may mean two 10-minute walks each day, or even hour-long walks two to three times a week. The best schedule is one that keeps you walking and keeps you fit!


Extrafit P.T. link up with The Physiotherapy Centre, Widley

02 February 2011

Does Personal Training in a well equipped private gym at one of the areas leading physiotherapy centres appeal?  As well as continuing to offer mobile fitness training across southern Hampshire, Tim Quickenden, Extrafit personal trainer has joined forces with the team at the Widley (near Waterlooville) based centre to add to the already bumper array of therapies and services available.

The Physiotherapy Centre is equipped with its own hydrotherapy pool not only offers physiotherapy, but also Pilates in both ‘one-on-one’ and class sessions, “Spinal Fitness” group exercise classes, podiatry, sports massage therapy and nutritional therapy.  Extrafit compliments this list bringing their brand of fun and effective Fitness Training to the private gym at the centre. Fitness training may include cardio vascular training (e.g. walking, jogging, cycling or rowing), core stability work, boxing training and weights & resistance based exercises.  You might also choose to have Extrafit conduct a thorough health & fitness assessment prior to getting going.  Tim always offers a free initial consultation following which your training can be arranged in the gym at flexible convenient times.

To find out more about any of the array of services and therapies available at The Physiotherapy Centre visit or call 02392 215 050.  Alternatively call Extrafit directly on 01329 236 888.


October - Back to `school` for Tim

13 October 2010

Extrafit owner Tim Quickenden finished a degree in sport and exercise science in 1996.  14 years of experience in the fitness industry later he has embarked upon a new academic challenge, studying for a master degree in sports performance part-time at Portsmouth University. One day per week over two years, the course includes all the latest finidings in exercise physiology, biomechanics, training methods and sports pyschology.  Not only will the course allow Tim to improve his service offering through Extrafit, it will also allow him to push towards his goal of working with athletes within elite sport.


Could you do a hundred press ups in six weeks time?

18 July 2010

It has always been acknowledged that if you set yourself a target or goal, it will always help to motivate you to stick with your training.  When a regular Extrafit training client found an online program that claimed to be able to train anyone to do a set of 100 press ups in six weeks, lead trainer Tim Quickenden didn't think it was possible but rather that dismissing it, decided to give it a go, working with a client to motivate each other to stick with it.  On inspection, the six week program is tough but very well thought out.  Being built for and training more for cardiovascular endurance rather strength, Tim was sceptical that it would work for him.  Four weeks into the six week program and the results have been very good.  Improvements of nearly 50% have been made in performance and although a set of 100 straight out in a couple of week's time is still ambitious, Tim is keen to see it through and prove how beneficial a goal and a good program can be.  If you are reasonably fit and accustomed to exercising regularly, why not give it a go..........


Is running bad for you?

18 July 2010

It is often said, normally by those that either don't enjoy running or can't motivate themselves, that it is bad for you.  "It is bad for you knees!" is often a much used excuse.  Therefore, whilst it is an article that is a few years old, Extrafit was happy to see a regurgitated report on the BBC news website, concisely describing a solid scientific piece of research that that has not only shown that running is fine for the knees and other joints, but also found it can help to slow the ageing process.  Check it out here.....


Tip of the Month

There is a widely publicised link between good nutrition and health/wellness.  “You are what you eat” is a phrase often used and is very true. As Personal Fitness trainers, it is vital that we not only focus on our client’s exercise and daily energy expenditure but also embrace their food intake. Read more

Personal training with a highly qualified experienced fitness trainer is available in South UK including the Meon Valley, Fareham, Titchfield, Bishops Waltham, Swanmore, Droxford, Denmead, Waterlooville, Lee on Solent, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, Gosport, Southampton, Portsmouth as well as many other local Hampshire areas on request.